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Tigua Inc. Awarded MOSIT Contract

Tigua Inc. Awarded MOSIT Contract

Tigua Inc. (TI) is honored to have recently been awarded the 5-year, $4.7 million Military Occupation Specialties Improvement Training (MOSIT) contract for Fort Bliss’ Troop School. TI will provide support to accomplish the Troop School’s mission of delivering quality education programs and services to Soldiers, Department of the Army civilians, and contractor personnel.

Army Soldiers are assigned an occupational specialty upon enlistment, but they also receive ongoing training opportunities throughout their careers in tactical, technical, physical, and leadership development. “If and when Soldiers are deployed, the need a broad range of skills to accomplish their daily missions, and our courses help enhance their mission-readiness,” said MOSIT Program Manager Jose Contreras. “Gaining these additional capabilities also sets the potential for our Soldiers to advance to leadership positions later in their careers.” 

Contreras, a 20-year retired Army veteran, brings over 40 years of government and leadership experience and has worked for the Troop School for eight years. He’s proud that every MOSIT instructor on his team is a military veteran, totaling several decades of experience. Some of the courses include CDL Bus Driver certification, Unit Armor, Chemical Defense, Fuel Handling, and more.

The courses give the Soldiers skills and tools that they can apply in real-life scenarios when deployed on a mission, which is why each instructor’s veteran on-the-ground experience is invaluable. “You’ve got to be able to relate to these Soldiers to effectively communicate with them – and our instructors do just that,” said Contreras. “That’s why we enjoy our jobs so much; our service experience is being maximized by being able to share our lessons learned with the next generation of Soldiers.” 

TI is honored to join the MOSIT team and is grateful for the support they provide to Ft. Bliss, enabling our Soldiers to feel confident and prepared for their future. 

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