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Design, Build , Sustain: Engineering For Tomorrow

Port Runner Suppression System

Tigua Facility Services (TFS) is advancing the Port Runner Suppression Systems (PRSS) with a design that emphasizes versatility, integration, and intelligence. Our system enhances the operational capacity of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) at U.S. ports, offering programmable controls and user-centric consoles for superior security management. TFS supports PRSS through design, build, and sustain phases to foster CBP’s operational excellence at Land Ports of Entry (LPOEs).

Design: We focus on adaptable PRSS solutions for varying Land Ports of Entry (LPOEs) sizes. Features include modular scalability, system integration, optional surveillance, announcement systems, and user-focused designs for operational efficiency.

Build: TFSI manages PRSS execution and construction at LPOEs, overseeing both design and implementation. We ensure top-quality, efficient construction, aligning with high standards and offering a streamlined approach that surpasses industry norms.

Sustain: We support and maintain the PRSS across 43 LPOEs, providing continuous service for critical systems. Our maintenance includes operations, preventive care, and efficient management of the IBM Maximo Asset Management system, prioritizing cost-effective, quality solutions. This phase highlights our commitment to system functionality and LPOE empowerment, enhancing America’s global economic security.

MOSIT Troop School

Our approach to the MOSIT Troop School project embodies our comprehensive capabilities, from curriculum development to ongoing soldier support. This model ensures soldiers are prepared for their roles and future challenges, reflecting our dedication to the Troop School’s mission in every aspect of our work.

Design: Curriculum Development & Program Management At Tigua Inc., we specialize in designing curricula that enhance personal growth and professional development, ensuring soldiers’ career progression. Our comprehensive program management aligns with the Troop School’s mission, encompassing tactical training and leadership development.

Build: Professional Course Implementation We offer diverse training, from practical deployment skills to leadership courses, led by experienced military veterans. Our instructors’ real-life experiences make our training relevant and engaging.

Sustain: Ongoing Soldier Development Our commitment to soldier growth extends beyond course completion. Guided by Jose Contreras and our veteran instructors, we foster long-term development, preparing soldiers for future leadership roles.

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