Tribally owned by Ysleta del Sur Pueblo | 8(a) Certified

Ysleta del Sur Pueblo


Eligible for unlimited direct sole-source awards up to $100 Million.

SBA 8(a) Certification

Joint-venture experience and DOD Indian Incentive Program

Bonding level is up to $100 million

Tigua Technolgy

Merging experience and innovation for unmatched IT and telecom support.

Unlock the potential of innovation with Tigua Technology Services Inc. (TTS), an SBA 8(a)-certified powerhouse propelling the Professional, Scientific, and Technological Services sector forward with cost-effective solutions. Our highly skilled brigade of engineers and technicians harness emerging technologies, delivering a strategic edge to both government and private enterprises. Our unparalleled expertise in deploying, optimizing, and maintaining sophisticated IT & Telecommunication networks catalyzes your growth in the digital arena.

Tigua Enterprises

Innovate, Elevate, Excel

Elevate the performance of your government or commercial enterprises with Tigua Enterprises Inc. (TEI), your partner for comprehensive facilities management and maintenance solutions.

Expertly crafted to meet diverse needs, TEI’s suite of services and innovative technologies cater to facilities of every scale and purpose – from expansive research, development, and manufacturing hubs to intricate logistics centers and a myriad of smaller enterprises. Stay ahead of the curve, optimizing your facility’s efficiency with TEI’s customized solutions

Tigua Construction

Uniting Vision With Impeccable Craftsmanship

Tigua Construction, Inc. (TCI) is an 8(a)-certified construction company with wide-ranging capabilities – from complete ground-up development of commercial and industrial buildings to complex structural renovations and major tenant improvements.

From design-build to pre-construction planning to final completion, TCI remains focused on meeting our client’s project schedules and budgets. We begin every successful project by obtaining a clear understanding of your vision and specific project requirements and strive to exceed your expectations for quality service and workmanship.

TCI is comprised of a highly skilled, passionate workforce, who bring the highest levels of integrity and trust to the office and job site each day.

We are driven to success by staying at the forefront of innovation in our industry. We stay connected with what’s new, what’s next, and what’s important to ensure the success of your projects.

Tigua Facility Services

Maintenance reimagined, optimization realized.

Welcome to a new era of facility maintenance with Tigua Facility Services Inc., a distinguished SBA 8(a)-certified service provider. We offer a unique blend of technological and operational efficiency to government and private enterprises, ensuring your facilities are functional, safe, and immaculately maintained.

Our team is a powerhouse of highly skilled tradesmen, with diverse specialties ranging from mechanics and electronics to custodial work. We don’t just maintain – we optimize, using advanced technologies and methodologies to ensure your systems perform at their peak.

Our offerings encompass the full range of facility support, from precise installations and proactive maintenance to stringent quality control and adept de-installations. We insist on excellence, recruiting only the most capable and technically skilled tradesmen to serve you.

With Tigua Facility Services, we’re setting new benchmarks in facility maintenance. Engage with our unparalleled blend of technological acumen, operational brilliance, and strategic optimization.

Our esteemed recognition by the National Agency Check (NAC) empowers TTS with an exceptional bidding advantage, opening avenues to burgeoning federal opportunities. With TTS, the future of technology is at your fingertips, fueling your success with an exceptional blend of innovation and reliability.

Forge the Future with Tigua Inc.

Contact us as we drive innovation and forge a path towards transformative innovation.

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