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Tigua Inc. Awarded New Federal Construction Projects

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Tigua Construction Services (TCS), a Tigua Inc. subsidiary, is honored to have recently been awarded two federal construction projects: a $1.25 million contract with U.S. Customs Border Protection and a $3.6 million contract with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). TCS is eager to strengthen our relationship with these agencies by executing both projects with integrity and quality craftsmanship. “It’s a priority to build local business partnerships and SBA 8(a) program graduates. We’re very pleased to be performing joint ventures with Aztec Contractors and Mirador Enterprises,” said Director of Business Development Brooks Vandivort. “Knowledge sharing and teamwork between our companies will ultimately expand TCS’s capabilities as it develops through the SBA program.” TCS is our youngest SBA 8(a) subsidiary company but will be harnessing the accumulated 14 years of construction experience gained by its predecessor, Tigua Enterprises, our first 2018 SBA graduate. 

Our Program Manager (PM) Julio Escamilla’s experience and technical aptitude will also be a driving force behind both projects’ success. With over 30 years of experience in the construction industry, a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering, and a Master’s Degree in Construction Administration, Escamilla is one of our construction subject-matter experts. As a PM, a key priority is maintaining clear and consistent communication and coordination with our customers and subcontractors. Escamilla brings an unrelenting focus on quality and safety and provides organized oversight, enabling TCS to deliver our projects on time and within budget. Both projects are a healthy step in our company’s ambition to expand and diversify our capabilities. Learn more about each project:


TCS has been awarded a $3.6 million construction contract by the USACE to replace the fire suppression systems on a selection of facilities located at Fort Bliss, TX.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to work with USACE again,” said Vandivort. “This fire suppression project continues our relationship and gives us a strong local presence at Fort Bliss, creating high visibility for our company and our teaming partner Aztec Contractors.”

Construction of the project will begin in January 2023. The project comprises four stages and also involves replacing the facility ceilings, lighting, and fire alarm controls.

TCS takes pride in providing facility maintenance and support to USACE, which enables them to focus on delivering vital engineering solutions to secure our nation, energize our economy, and reduce disaster risks.


U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has selected TCS for a 1.25 million construction contract for the BP Law Enforcement Safety and Compliance Directorate (LESC) located at Fort Bliss, TX.

The contract’s scope of work comprises two phases. The first phase involves the installation of concrete pads and utilities. In the second phase, TCS will install three Portable Field Armories, also referred to as ARMAGS, to store ammunition belonging to CBP LESC. The ARMAGS will expand storage capacity, enhancing CBP’s supply availability for various deployment missions.

The additional storage capacity also improves their distribution capabilities to move items cross country, potentially matching emergent and immediate threats to national security. Construction of the project will begin in December 2022 and is expected to be completed in June 2023.

TCS is grateful for the opportunity to continue building our ongoing relationship with US CBP. We are proud to provide support as they fulfill their mission of protecting the American people, safeguarding our borders, and enhancing the nation’s economic prosperity.

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