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Tigua Enterprises Feature - Myron Rone

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George Washington once wrote, “Every post is honorable in which a man can serve his country,” and this holds true for the Tigua Inc. workforce as we provide contract support to enhance the Department of Defense’s (DOD) technological advantage. A prime example is the brilliant minds that comprise the Tigua Enterprises’ (TE) team who support White Sands Missile Range’s (WSMR) Test Engineering Analysis Systems. TE is the majority partner in a two-company joint venture known as TNT Premier with the minority partner Trideum Corporation.

TI is honored that many members of our workforce are U.S. military veterans – they share a unique, sobering connection with the military branches we support because they themselves have been on the frontlines of the land, air, and sea. Army Veteran Myron Rone contributes over 22 years of former military and government contract experience in his role as TNT’s Program Manager. Rone and his team provide a range of support to WSMR – from test engineering analysis to security. His military experience was primarily as an air defense officer, qualifying him as the subject-matter expert to lead TNT’s missile testing support. “As an Army officer, I gained first-hand experiencing employing the systems that we are now testing,” said Rone. “As a former operator and now as a ‘tester,’ I have a unique 360-perspective because I am now part of the rigorous developmental and operational testing that goes into the procurement of some of the very systems that worked well, and not so well, for my Soldiers and I in real-world operational environments.”

TI’s Director of Operations Ray Resendez reflects, “Myron successfully balances operations and human resources for his 140-member team. From their health and welfare to financials and travel, he provides the support they need to produce a reliable product for the government, so they can make high-impact decisions that ultimately affect our national security.” TNT’s impact not only occurs at WSMR’s testing sites – they also travel across the globe to support testing for WSMR’s stakeholders.

Rone’s ambitions to support his country are rooted in his military-lifestyle upbringing. Rone’s father is a retired U.S. Air Force, Vietnam-era veteran, and Rone’s childhood was spent on military bases across the world. He pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Psychology at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and then attained a Master of Arts degree in Leadership and Management from Webster University. His military career consisted of serving as a Patriot missile officer, overseeing unit-level air defense operations on the South Korean Peninsula, a 27-month command of an 82-person Patriot missile unit that deployed for combat operations in Southwest Asia, as well as multiple other operational and leader developmental assignments.

Like Rone, the TNT team is comprised of a workforce contributing a vast range of skills and experience from their professional backgrounds. Pulling talent from a range of industries creates diversity of thought, allowing teams to approach problems from multiple angles, arriving at stronger solutions. Rone is proud and confident that his team is comprised of the best minds in their fields from academic, military, government, and private industries. Their reliable, quality support to WSMR protects TI’s reputation and relationship with the federal government.

Working for TNT Premier as a DOD contractor has been a smooth and fulfilling transition for Rone. “As a West Point graduate, there is an expectation of a lifetime of service to the country,” said Rone. “That service comes in many forms – I want to stay connected to the military and public service any way I can, and this role is one of the ways I’m able to do so.”

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