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Tigua Enhances Otay Mesa Port of Entry Security with LED Monitors

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SAN DIEGO, California – Tigua Facility Services successfully installed cutting-edge LED monitors at the Otay Mesa Port of Entry, seamlessly integrating them with an automated system connected to the Port Runner Suppression System (PRSS), thus enhancing border security capabilities.

This installation is part of Tigua’s Land Port of Entry (LPOE) team’s comprehensive effort to optimize security infrastructure at Otay Mesa, aligning with CBP's critical mission to prevent illegal entry, intercept contraband, and apprehend fugitives, including attempts to evade inspection, commonly known as 'port running.' Notably, the PRSS system at Otay Mesa was the first fully designed and implemented upgrade of a PRSS system by Tigua. This PRSS upgrade set a higher standard for CBP operations and inspired upgrades at other ports, showcasing Tigua's expertise.

Our LED signs are equipped with high-resolution modules, modular brain boxes, and a Programmable Logical Controller (PLC) for automated responses. When initiated by a CBP agent, the PRSS efficiently guides the traffic and changes the displays through predefined screens, resulting in improved response times and operational efficiency.

The LPOE team is committed to enhancing their skills through continuous education, broadening their mechanical and technological expertise to remain at the forefront of innovation. Tigua led the design and development of the entire system. “We've realized a key growth strategy is expanding our in-house expertise, reducing reliance on third-party contractors, and ensuring the quality we deliver to customers,” proudly reflects LPOE Project Manager Susana Favela. “This project is a testament to our ambitions to strengthen our capabilities, as we performed the entire design and development of the upgraded system. We're proud of our team's dedication to learning and growth – it will ultimately drive our company forward."

The LPOE team executed a comprehensive upgrade project that encompassed configuring and installing all surveillance systems. Their expertise earned them recognition as an official integrator by Axis and SignsPlus. They meticulously tested and ensured the reliability of upgraded communication lines, including fiber optics. The professional installation caused minimal operational disruption and finished ahead of schedule.

CBP relies on Tigua to provide dependable systems that support their year-round operations. These systems encompass a range of LPOE Ancillary Systems, including PRSS systems, Outbound Tier 3 systems, port hardening systems, autoclave and deionization units, and incinerators. Our team's technical expertise and prompt responses ensure CBP's operational excellence at ports of entry nationwide.

Tigua remains unwavering in its commitment to serve CBP and enhance border security. Through this latest technological enhancement at the Otay Mesa Port of Entry, we continue to stand as a trusted partner in safeguarding our nation's borders.

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