Ysleta del Sur Pueblo

The Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo is a Sovereign Nation. Tribal sovereignty refers to our Tribe’s right to govern itself, define our own membership, manage our tribal property, regulate and grow our tribal business enterprises, and build new domestic relations.

The name of our Pueblo, “Ysleta Del Sur,” means “Island of the South.” Our Forefathers first came to the El Paso territory in 1680, nearly 100 years before America gained its independence. The preservation of our Tigua language, songs, dances, ceremonies, proud culture, and self-reliance comprise the legacy we are determined to leave for our children and many generations to come.

The history of our people, the hardships we have endured, our perseverance and resilient nature have all contributed to the survival of our people. This unwavering spirit has been the driving force behind every achievement in our long history. Between our successful business enterprises and excellence in government, our tribe has forged ahead against adversity in ways our ancestors would embrace.

As Pueblo people, we are driven and hold sacred the sacrifices of the Tigua Nation-builders of the past. We honor their teachings. We are mindful of the threats that undermine our cultural values. And we dedicate our work — guided by our founding principles — to improving the quality of life for our tribe.

Our Tribal Community stands united in a rich and enduring historical and cultural legacy that must be preserved at all costs. The path forward is rooted in sustainable values: hard work, discipline, community and sacrifice. As our journey continues, we strive to accept nothing less for our people, our government and enterprises.

“Haweu” — “Thank you” —for this opportunity to share who we are as Tigua People.

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