Tigua Inc. is honored that many members of our workforce are U.S. military veterans – they share a unique, sobering connection with the military branches we support because they themselves have been on the frontlines in the land, air, and sea. Our operations across the country serving various federal agencies need talented men and women like you to contribute the highly valuable knowledge and experience gained from your military background.

We are confident that your integrity, honor, and discipline will greatly enrich our company culture and capabilities.
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TIgua Inc. Veterans

Ray S.

Director of Operations Ray S.

“I’m grateful for the strong leadership skills that were cultivated within myself and the men and women who served alongside me during my 16 years of military service — it shaped who I am today. In currently having the privilege to serve as Tigua Inc.’s (TI) director of operations, I provide logistical oversight to TI’s nationwide operations, which has similar responsibilities to my roles in service as a mechanized infantry executive officer, an armored battalion logistical officer, and a reconnaissance headquarters’ troop commander, in which I mentored, trained, and oversaw the operations and resources for hundreds of troops. The veterans who contribute their unique knowledge to our TI team, such as their familiarity with their branch of service’s structure and dynamics, are perfectly equipped to serve and understand the needs of our primary customers – the Department of Defense and Homeland Security.”

Myrone R.

TNT Program Manager Myron R.

“My 22 years of former military and government contract experience, primarily in air defense, is highly compatible and valued in my role for TNT, leading our missile testing support for White Sands Missile Range. I have a unique 360-perspective because I am now part of the rigorous developmental and operational testing that goes into the procurement of some of the very systems that worked well, and not so well, for my Soldiers and I in real-world operational environments. As a West Point Military Academy graduate, there is an expectation of a lifetime of service to the country, and that service can come in many forms. I want to stay connected to the military and public service any way I can, and my role at Tigua Inc. is one of the ways I’m able to do so.”

Tim M.

PRSS Technician Tim J.

“I spent a few years working in the private sector after retiring from the U.S. Navy and feel that the skills I gained in the military have been put to use more effectively in my government contractor role with Tigua Facilities as an automation technician maintaining the U.S. Custom and Border Protection’s PRSS systems in California.”

Efrain L.

Maintenance Supervisor Efrain L.

“In the U.S. Army, the six years I served as a combat engineer operating mechanical systems and heavy equipment has given me the technical skills to succeed in my role as a maintenance supervisor for Tigua Facilities. I maintain the systems for our Land Port of Entry contract with U.S. Customs and Border Protection in the south Texas region. My skills are valued by the company, and every year I keep growing and adding more knowledge because they provide the resources to help expand my technical capabilities.”

Brian V.

IT Specialist Brian R.

“The four years I served as a field telecommunications operator in the U.S. Marines setting up satellites and configuring radios and computers, has prepared me to successfully fulfill my administrative role in maintaining Tigua Inc.’s nationwide network. I’m able to look forward to my future with the company because they provide the support to help me expand my capabilities and grow – I’ve been gaining experience in cybersecurity to maintain our compliance with the government’s continually advancing security requirements.”

Benny M.

IT Specialist Benny M.

“The experience and skills I gained after serving five years in the U.S. Air Force has served me well in working with Tigua Inc.’s federal government requirements. I find it very rewarding to know that my skills are valued and play a role in demonstrating our technological aptitude and security compliance, which is critical to maintain our Top-Secret clearances. We have many veterans on our team, and they bring invaluable skills from their military background - discipline, problem-solving, critical thinking, teamwork, and honor. This is what our company is looking for.”

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